Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Found poem

Step 1. Insert the Locking nuts (3)&(8) into the pre-drilled holes located in board (B)(C) and board (O)(N)(S), then screw the Connector (4)(9) into boards (A) and (M)(N)(O), when join board (A) to board (B)(C) lock the Locking nuts into position, please note that it's important to make sure the Locking nuts is securely locked into position and the two panels are securely attached.

Step 2. Screw the Slider (17) onto board (B)(C).

Step 3. Attach Caster (16) into board (B)(C) by using (6)(7).

Step 4. Join Kick Board (E) to board (B)(C) by using Screw (1).

Step 5. Join Bottom Board (d) to board (B)(C) by using Screw (1).

Step 6. Joine Back Board (G) to board (B)(C) by using Screw (1).

Step 7. Join Desk top (A) to board (B) (C) as Step 1.

Step 8. Screw the Keyboard Drawer (F) on Slider (17).

Step 9. Fasten the Stationery Tray (18) into board (A) by using Screw (10).

Step 10. Screw CD Holder (14) and (15) onto panel (KL)(L) by using screw (5).

Step 11. Attach both panels (P) onto panel (L) using screw (1) then slide Back Thin Panel (Q) into the pre-cut grooves of panel (p)

Step 12. Join panel (K) to both panels (P) by using screw (11).

Step 13. Join drawer panel (N)(O) to back panel (S) by using Dowels (11) and Connectors (9) and Locking nuts (8) following the Step 1, then slide the bottom board (r) into panel (N)(O) and place the Knob (13), wooden knob or metal knob, on the face Board (M) by using screw (12) then join board (M) to board (N)(O) following the step1.step13-1. Slide drawer into board (L)(K)and(P).

Step 14. Join Back Panel (I) into board (J)and(L) by using screw (1).

Step 15. Place the Top Board (H) onto panel (J)(K) and lock the locking nuts (3) into position following the step 1.

Step 16. Put the Upper of Desk onto Main Desk, then attach Upper of Desk and Main desk by using screw (1).

Step 17. Completely desk.

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