Friday, July 18, 2003

Nothing much

Which is where my head is. This morning I went into Penguin Books to meet Suzanne Wilson, my editor there. She had just finished reading The Riddle, and her responses were good: it's a million miles from the first draft of The Gift (it went through five drafts and I had to rewrite the final quarter completely) and she thinks editing will be relatively straightforward. Her only suggestion was about the beginning: oh, beginnings! I find them the hardest thing to do of all; it's almost always the last thing I complete. But for now we'll leave it, until I've finished The Crow (supposedly by October), and we plan to edit the ms early next year. The final draft has to be ready by March, for publication in October. So that all seems clear and on the way.

Otherwise just have updated my web page, so it is actually current, and did an ego search on Google which revealed a Bonnefoy translation I had totally forgotten that I had done (let alone that I had submitted it anywhere). It's usually how I end up with a book of poems - after boring people witless for months groaning about how I haven't written anything, I look in secret places on my computer desktop and discover - poems! And who is this person who wrote them? It's a mystery to me...

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