Sunday, October 26, 2003

Au revoir

For anyone who's been checking on this blog, I realise the irony of this heading. Folks, I have just been too distracted, and now I am coping with pre-flight nerves as I'm heading off to Paris tomorrow, on my way to the UK for a reading tour, with a slight detour in Iceland (check out my diary or Arc's website for details.

I am no good at reflective typing in internet cafes, so this blog will probably lay fallow until I get back. But it seems that it is becoming a little like the journal I used to keep, which I wrote in furiously when I felt like it, and didn't when I didn't. I'll probably scribble in cafes, something I only ever do when I'm away from home, probably because the coffee at home is quite good. But, then again, one never knows.

So, until next time...

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