Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Well, then...

Fellow poet Andrew Burke told me off about this blog a couple of weeks ago. "Wassa matter boy, you asleep at the wheel?" he said, with his accustomed grace and wit. Well, I haven't written in this blog for around six months, so I guess it's not so much a problem of being asleep as of having too many wheels. Though as I type this, I am remembering what fun it is to write in this blog. As a discipline, though, it's of a piece with my diary keeping (when I kept a diary, many years ago), which is to say, it is at best occasional.

Anyway, I guess I should formally declare this blog closed. For the indefinite meantime. Theatre notes is a good blogging format for me: it drives me out of the house and gives me deadlines that force me to write stuff down. And besides, I really like going to the theatre, as I have rediscovered. And what with my on-going quest to finish The Crow, book three of my fantasy series, which is already six months' further down the track than I would like, this poor old blog is what has gone by the sideline. (For those interested, The Crow is going well, and I am pleased so far: but it's going slowly. I'm having to do an awful lot of making up. I also think each book gets sucessively more difficult). I am back on track with that, trying to summon the endless patience a novel requires and to just write my daily word count. But it adds up to quite a lot of compulsive writing already. I must have a personality disorder. Yes, I feel guilty: yes, I agree, there is absolutely no need for me to feel guilty. Maybe one day I'll come back.

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